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Organizational Diagram

Development orientation

With available internal resources combined with favorable developments of domestic and international markets, Rang Dong Holding builds its strategy that to 2025, the Company will become a major economic group with multi-industry business, in which the multi-product plastic industry is the focus

In the first phase, Rang Dong Holding develops the core business, creating premises for member companies to jointly develop: Rang Dong Long An JSC, Rang Dong Trading JSC, Song Dung Logistics JSC, Rang Dong Films JSC, etc. followed by building a large multi-industry economic group with national and regional standards.

The Group strives to maintain the revenue and profit growth of 20-25%/year in the next 5 years.

Invest in highly profitable businesses: real estate, industrial parks, etc. with a large and clean land fund.

Economic growth and development is linked to the best interest of customers, partners and shareholders

Committed to protecting brand reputation and long-term business on the basis of respect for social regulations and laws.

Rang Dong Holding will enter into joint ventures and accociate with domestic and foreign partners to develop together.

In terms of export: focus on key markets such as Japan USA and Europe with international standard product lines.

History of Establishment

From 1960-1975

Established and operated under the name UFEOC (Union of Rubber Factories Far East France) and then changed to UFIPLASTIC. The Company was one of the first plastic enterprises that imported modern equipment from Japan, Taiwan to manufacture all kinds of synthetic leather, PVC, foam PU, table coat, PVC films, PVC coated fabric, PU, waterproof parachute fabric.

From 1975 – 2005

Renamed into Rang Dong Plastic Factory, the Company constantly developed and expanded. Factories/branches in Hoc Mon, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Nghe An, etc. were established one after another.

In 2003, the Company received ISO 9001-2000 Certificate.

On May 02nd, 2005, the Company was equitized, officially put into operation with the name Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company

From 2005 – 2014

Build its head office in District 11 – HCMC, production activities continued to be expanded. Upgrading Hoc Mon Plastic Factory into Packaging Factory No. 1 in Cu Chi – HCMC. Building Tien Son Plastic Factory at Tien Son Industrial Park – Bac Ninh. By April 2014, the Company received ISO 14001:2004

May 2014 The State divested all capital in the Company

From 2015 – 2018

2015: Rang Dong Long An Plastic JSC was established

2017: Song Dung Logistics JSC was established

2018: Convert Rang Dong Plastic JSC to the Holding Company model under the name Rang Dong Holding JSC, abbreviated as RDP.

12/2018: Rang Dong Films JSC, Rang Dong Trading JSC, Rang Dong Agriculture JSC were established.

Từ 2019 – now

1/2019: Rang Dong Holding was established

The desire to become a powerful corporation by the creative labor efforts of each member of the company, providing the best products to customers, contributing to the nation’s prosperity, bringing each member of the company The company offers the best conditions for talent development and a full physical and spiritual life.