Lovely spring on the mother land

The second day’s journey of Rang Dong Plastic Company (Rang Dong Holding) volunteer took place in Phu Hoi commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province on a sunny morning Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

The leader of the delegation is none other, the Chairman’s wife of the Board of Directors of Rang Dong Plastic Group. This is a countless number of times, she returned to the place where she was born and grew up to give spring presents to poor people in Phu Hoi commune. 100 gifts were gathered neatly in the meeting room space of Phu Hoi People’s Committee waiting to be handed to people and neighbors.

The Chairman’s wife had a very sincere and intimate speech as if telling the family members about the meaning of a little spring gift to her relatives. She promised that the following year would not stop at 100, but also 200, 300 gifts to the people when the Company’s business is favorable.

And like the previous volunteer times, the eyes, smiles, thanks of the people are so dear, warm heart. There is a detail that the writer caught and felt spicy in the corner of the eye is the image of an old woman who brought from home a plastic bag containing young jackfruit salad, made in person, a rustic dish, given for Madam only.

Simply that. A little gift exchanged on the land of his birth and growth, where childhood memories never fade away is how much, above all is still the most beautiful meaning of humanity.

Yes, loving Tet, loving engagement will always be a good tradition of Rang Dong Plastic!