Rang Dong Plastic, flavors fly away

In two consecutive days on 05 and 06/02/2020, Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company of Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding) welcomed 2 delegations representing factories of the world leading brands Nike and Adidas.

nhua rang dong huu xa tu nhien huong

The purpose of these guests is not only to greet and understand the business and production lines of the group, the main reason is to see closedly the largest project installing solar energy systems on roofs in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to date of Rang Dong Plastic Group.

They are experts in environmental projects, on sustainable development working at the factories of Nike and Adidas in Vietnam. They are truly surprised and unconvinced to know a Vietnamese business pioneed an environmentally friendly project of up to 90 billion dong.

Meeting with the General Director, Mr. Tran Trong Trieu and Assistant Chairman, Mr. Phan Ngoc Hung and representatives of the departments related to the solar energy project. Many questions were raised regarding the purpose of the project, the total investment, the total capacity of the project, the applied technology, the design and installation consultancy unit, etc., respectively.

After knowing that this project has a total power capacity of up to 4.5MW, there are up to 5 connection points each 0.9mwp point; the project uses inverter power inverter from ABB manufacturer, the most prestigious in the world today; Canadian-branded battery system of Canada, the guests did not seem to be able to suppress the excitement and curiosity and asked the host to guide immediately to admire the project…

nhua rang dong huu xa tu nhien huong

Visitors from Nike and Adidas were also guided to the company’s showroom and were surprised to see the diverse products made from resin such as raincoats, tablecloths, syn-leather fashion, membrane wrap food; conduit wire, plastic sheet and board; labels, packaging of famous F&B products on the market, to plastic products for the health sector. They are also very interested in the syn-leather product which is one of the company’s key product lines, as well as the high-grade PU leather imitation project because both sides are looking forward to the cooperation story in the near future between Rang Dong Plastic and Adidas, Nike brand for shoes, bags,…