Rang Dong Plastic, Pioneer In Technology

Currently, mankind is facing the increasing exhaustion of natural resources. There have been many opinions that renewable energy source is the future energy source. So what is this renewable energy source, where does it come from? With the rapid development of energy science, scientists have the answer: is there any source of renewable energy more abundant than solar energy?

According to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, renewable or renewable energy is the energy from continuous sources that according to human standards are infinite such as solar, wind, rain, tide, waves and geothermal. The basic principle of the use of renewable energy is to separate a portion of the energy from processes that evolve continuously in the environment and into technical uses. These processes are often promoted especially from the sun. Renewable energy replaces traditional fuel sources in four areas: electricity generation, hot water heating, engine fuel, and independent rural electricity systems.

Indeed, free energy is available about 12 hours a day and even more to exploit that Vietnam with the tropical climate, sunny and hot year round is an advantage. Solar energy is gradually becoming one of the most used renewable energy sources, and creators are looking for better ways to harness this energy source. These include projects to install solar panels on rooftops, vehicles, clothing, mobile phones and more.

Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding) is always at the forefront of technology investment. As the Chairman of Vietnam Plastics Association, Mr. Ho Duc Lam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rang Dong Plastic Group with his management vision, takes the lead in the Vietnam Industrial Development Strategy to 2025, vision By 2035, renewable energy was identified as one of three areas of special priority by the Government, he pioneered the installation of solar energy systems for all Rang Dong Long An Plastic Company at Tân Đô industrial zone, Đức Hòa district, Long An. This is the largest rooftop solar system installation project in Vietnam and Southeast Asia so far for a business.

Indeed, the solar project that Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding) is implementing for factories with a total power capacity of up to 4.5MW, with up to 5 connection points each 0.9mwp point is It is true that it is leading the scale in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. With this capacity, the solar energy system of Rang Dong Plastic Group is fully capable of blending with the national electricity grid supplying electricity to the locality.

It is known that this project uses an inverter from the Italian manufacturer ABB, the most prestigious in the world today; panel system of investors choosing Canadian Canadian brand. So the total investment of the project has reached 90 billion. Indefol is a consulting, design and installation unit that has been chosen by Rang Dong Group because Indefol is a prestigious partner of the world’s leading corporations such as Adidas, Nike, Formosa … in many technology projects that they are investing in their manufacturing plants.

This is just one of the major projects of Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding), starting a series of projects that are and will be implemented in 2020 towards the 60th anniversary of formation and development of Rang Dong Plastic Brand (1960-2020).