Rang Dong spring, a beautiful spring

Today, January 11, 2020 means December 17, Ky Hoi year, at 17:00 Rang Dong Long An JSC jubilantly organizes a year-end party for all officers and employees and family after a year of hard work.

According to the annual tradition, every spring, when the family comes to Rang Dong, they gather together to celebrate the party to look back on the past year, what achievements has the Company achieved, what were the results? with the plan, as well as the determination to implement for the plan of the coming year. This is the second year that the Rang Dong Great Family holds a New Year party at Rang Dong Long An Factory, Tan Do Industrial Park, Duc Hoa, Long An.

This year, all of the preparations in the organization process are quite professional, although the spirit is still self-organizing, not hiring event organizers. From the stage of the overall scenario, the MC scenario, the arrangement of operational personnel, to the culinary section, all departments and employees contributed themselves under the direction of the Board of Directors.

A passionate atmosphere on the faces of key officials promises a successful season in 2020.

The Ceremony of the party is also the occasion for the Board of Directors to announce and reward the excellent individuals and teams for fulfilling the targets as well as making positive contributions to build corporate culture and improve, create and obtain ISO management certifications in 2019.

The program has 2 distinct parts, namely the Ceremony and the Association. After the speech summarizing the operation in 2019 and the work plan for 2020 of Mr. Tran Phu Vinh, Deputy General Director of Rang Dong Long An is the highlight of the ceremony. That is the rite of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director to give operation targets in 2020 to units, departments and boards. Each unit, department is given 1 sheet describing in detail the quality objectives that the unit is determined to achieve in 2020.

Part of the festival party this year is extremely attractive. The performance is performed by the best performances selected by the organizers from the Rang Dong Singing Competition held earlier. The sweet, inspirational voices and the skilled dance moves of you are really no different from professional singers.

The stage was filled with gifts of the Lucky Draw program with 22 Consolation prizes which were electric rice cookers, electric fans; 02 third prizes with each washing machine; 02 Second prizes each prize is a refrigerator; 01 first prize is a 40 inch Sony TV; and 01 Special prize for a Honda Blade motorbike. And there are many gifts for children who are the children of the employees and the results of the game taking place on stage. Every year, at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ho Duc Lam, he always wants the orgarnizers to make sure that there are many gifts to the staff in this party.

The highlight of this year’s festival is probably the fashion show with the theme of Rang Dong Colors. The uniqueness of this item is that the costumes shown by the model are made from the same material as the product of the Company. Products of colorful raincoats, luxurious syn-leather, transparent films, 3D films,… have shown the outstanding properties of the sprouting, flexible product, “plastic film like fabric”. The most adorable of this performance is the participation of Lady President, Madam Kim Hong, with her own design.

The atmosphere of the party became more and more jubilant because the skill of the organizers was to mix and match repertoire in a logical way, not boring, very attractive to everyone until the last minute: a lot of gifts, awards awarded; very fun, engaging game activity; the music and fashion items were invested in listening and visuals.

The repertoire before the end of the program is a high concentration of attendees watching the President’s every step of the step up the stage to determine the luckiest person in the party to own the special prize is a motorbike, Honda Blade brand. And the party burst with luck had belonged to Mr. Ha Thanh Thien, an official from Rang Dong Long An.

Ending the program with joyful spring songs. Everyone parted ways with the most sincere spring wishes. Standing quietly in an observing corner, the writer suddenly felt warm by feeling joy on workers’ cheek, lip, eyes after hard days; the tight handshakes of the business brothers and sisters, the bright smiles of the officers… That’s enough to feel a beautiful spring. Promising a successful new year 2020 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Rang Dong Plastic Brand.