Rang Dong the first day of spring

On the 6th of Lunar New Year of the Rat (January 30, 2020), at the main meeting room of Rang Dong Long An Plastic Company, the Chairman of Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding), Mr. Ho Duc Lam, and his wife had an intimate meeting at the beginning of the year with all key staffs of the Group. He and his wife on behalf of the Group’s leaders sent Tet greetings to the staff and once again affirmed the Group’s strategic orientations as well as reminded and encouraged all key officials to make a real determination present the 2020 plan of the units proposed.

The message that the Chairman reminded at the meeting earlier this year is always upholding, appreciating the personality in the governance of the units, but it is important to always accompany, gather, promote solidarity to create strength to achieve common goals. Following the Chairman’s speech is the speech of General Director Tran Trong Trieu on behalf of all employees of the Group, who are determined to achieve the goals set by 2020.

Mr. Ho Duc Dung, General Director of Rang Dong Healthcare Company, representing the member companies gave a very brief speech, focusing on making the determination to achieve high sales to improve income for Staff and employees in the applause of all key officials, this is exactly what the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group always desires in this year 2020.